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Top Skills to Learn to Make Money


Wondering about the Top Skills to Learn to Make Money? This step-by-step guide portrays all the in-demand skills. Read out the Top skills to Learn to Make Money. 

If you really want to know about the Top Skills to Make Money then you are at the very right place. Before moving to the next step and know about the skills, let’s list down the questions that most people ask. These include;

How can I earn online? 

Which skill is in demand?

How can I get an online job?

Can I do digital marketing without knowing English? 

How can I become financially independent?

How can I shift my business online?

What is Freelancing?

Why is it important to learn any skill? 

Since people are asking such questions daily on our Facebook group ‘Askdankash’, we thought of writing a blog considering these questions.

What is the AIDA Model?

AIDA is an acronym that stands for;

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

This formula is used mostly in writing in order to grab the audience’s attention which then leads to some kind of action. I am relating the AIDA model with you that can help you a lot in choosing the right and best skill to make money.

Begin with Attention– it matters when you do something or when you plan to do something. However, you yourself grab the attention that provides you a direction towards your interest.

Then before even moving a step ahead know your Interest. Because knowing it is very important as you have to stick to it for the rest of your life. So, once you figure out your interest then you are better able to find your desire or maybe your aim.

We all come up with some Desire and dream in life. And the requirement to fulfill that desire or aim is to take some action. So, your desire pushes you to struggle by taking any Action. 

Why should you learn the top skills? 

As we all know, it’s the era of the digital world. Being the species of this digital world, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, learning top skills is the need of time. There are a number of benefits that keep you enforcing why you should learn the top skills?

Firstly, it’s the demand of the time because almost every business has gotten online. Therefore, in order to run the businesses, online a great number of skilled people are required. And being an expert in any skill, companies, and brands can hire you to give your services to their businesses. This is indeed a great opportunity for you to self-sustain in life. 

Not only businesses, but every other thing is relying on this social network, for instance, education, meetings, appointments, and so on. So, before getting out of this digital space every one of you should master these skills.

List of Top Skills to Learn to Make Money

I am writing this blog to share interesting facts and stats about all in-demand skills. I created this blog keeping in mind to answer what, why, and how about each skill. Here are the top skills to learn to make money.

  1. Digital Marketing Skill

Before moving forward, first, understand the term marketing.

What is Marketing?

Marketing means understanding the needs of the customers, doing research, identifying them, and then making products and solutions for their needs.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing means doing marketing through digital sources, through the internet.

The digital marketing industry is increasing at a rapid pace. At this time the digital marketing industry is a 640 billion dollars industry. 79% of marketers taught their audience through digital marketing (Content Marketing Institute, 2020). 75% of marketers enhanced their credibility and trust via digital marketing strategies (Content Marketing Institute, 2020). Businesses that haven’t yet entered the digital world won’t exist.

  1. Video Editing Skill

Video editing is a process and way that combines clips, sounds, and images at the same time to generate a movie.

In Pakistan, people use YouTube more than google. The demand for videos is high not only in Pakistan but rather in the whole world. Research has proved that people can learn anything easily through videos, whether it’s any skill, home decor, cooking, makeup, or what else.

One year back in 2020, the figure of people watching videos touched 244.4 million in the US. There is no rocket science in learning video editing, all you need is interest, passion, and determination. Video editing skill is one of the best skills to learn to make money. 

Here I am listing the productive video editing tools which you can easily use and they all are free.

  1. HitFilm Express
  2. Lightworks
  3. Blender
  4. Shortcut
  5. OpenShot
  6. Davinci Resolve
  7. VSDC Video Editor
  8. Movie Maker 10
  9. VideoPad
  10. iMovie
  1. Social Media Marketing Skill

With the increasing demand of the time, every person wants to know and learn the skill of social media marketing. Do you know 40% of the world’s population is using social media? Even in Pakistan millions of new social media users registered in the previous 2 years between 2020 and 2021.

87.5% of marketers increased their social media activity when the pandemic began (Statista, 2021).

In the entire world, the social media industry is a 102 billion dollars industry. On average, social media marketers earn 68 thousand dollars annually. So, this is the most profitable skill through which you can easily make a handsome amount of money.

  1. A brilliant strategy social media marketers must know

One thing you should clearly understand about social media marketing before jumping to it. SMM is not merely posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but rather beyond that. There requires time and effort to build your business, increase brand voice, engagement and sales.

You can make a brilliant strategy by producing the content and hashtags according to the context of each social media platform including;

  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • Youtube,
  • Twitter,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Pinterest

If you want to design your own Social Media Marketing agency, read our blog;

How to Start Your Own Social Media Marketing Agency?
  1. Web Development Skill

Do you want to become a website developer?

Websites play a significant role in developing businesses because customers believe in correlating business quality to your website quality. 75% of people decide by looking at the company’s website design while shopping (Stanford). 

In Pakistan, freelancers’ money earning source is web designing and graphic designing. With the emerging demand for the digital network where online shopping is increasing day by day, you must know how to develop and manage websites for maintaining the presence of your business.

On average a web designer earns 45 dollars per hour. So, web development is one of the top skills to learn to make money in the present and upcoming era. 

If you want to know how to improve website performance, read this blog;


And for further stats visit this link; 


  1. WordPress Skills

Do you know that most websites are made on WordPress worldwide? WordPress is an open-source CMS (Content Management System) on which any website can easily be created. This CMS is easy to use and easy to update.

WordPress holds a 60.8% market distribution on the CMS marketplace. On WordPress, you can create 

  1. information websites, 
  2. blog websites, 
  3. product selling websites etc.

In this digital era when everything is getting online, you should prefer to learn the skills that are closer to digitalization. And WordPress is one of the best skills to learn to make money online. With the increasing demand for the internet and online work, you should definitely avail this opportunity. 

  1. Content Writing Skill

The process of organizing, writing, and editing content for websites mostly for digital purposes is known as content writing. 

People say content is the king. Content is not only the king it’s the queen, jack, ace, in fact, the content is also everything. Content writing is vast and one of the top skills to learn to make money. In the USA in 2020,  the growth rate of bloggers increased to 3.17 million. Content writers on Up work earn 15 to 80 dollars per hour. 

Content writing includes SEO writing, blogging, business writing, copywriting, academic writing, report writing, and creative writing.

Now the question raises ‘Who can do content writing?’ 

Prerequisites for starting content writing include good English, good writing skills, and the element of creativity. In addition to this, communication skill is also the most significant part of content writing. 

Read IMM SKILLS’s blog ‘What is Content Writing: A Complete Guide 2022 Edition’ for better understanding. Here is the link  https://iimskills.com/what-is-content-writing/.

Visit this link on our youtube channel to learn how to become a freelance writer. 

  1. Graphic Designing Skill

Graphic designing is one of the top-rated and top demanded skills in 2020, 2021, and in the upcoming era both in the national and international markets. 

Why is graphic designing the top skill?

I’ve repeated time and again that it’s the era of the digital world and our every activity has been digitized. Businesses have to brand themselves on social media, websites, and mobile apps. Therefore, they require graphic designers who design

  • logos, 
  • profile covers, 
  • profile photos, 
  • cover letters, 
  • portfolios etc

for their business branding. 

In Pakistan, the majority of the population is doing freelancing through graphic designing. Graphic designing skill is one of the top skills to learn to make money because a graphic designer on average is earning between 20-150 dollars per hour.

  1. E-commerce Skill

Simply the term e-commerce means selling anything on the internet. In e-commerce training, you learn how to sell your service or product on the internet. 

The Ecommerce industry has become a thousand-billion-dollar industry at this time in the world. During the pandemic time between 2020 and 2021 4.5 billion dollars in online sales is made only through e-commerce. The competition in the e-commerce space is high due to the entry of new businesses, industries, and companies in this marketplace. 

E-commerce is one of the top skills to learn to make money because there are numerous opportunities for you in this space. I’ll say it’s a must-learn skill for everyone whether you are running your own marketing campaigns or providing services to others. 

Visit these links for detailed information regarding Ecommerce training;

Practical Training
  1. Link Building Skill

Saying it won’t be wrong that it’s human nature to do something that consumes less time. Link building is one of the top skills to learn to make money. Link building is important for a high ranking on Google for SEO.

In link building, you learn how to backlink to quality and trusted websites. Moreover, you learn how to do internal and external linking that enhances your business’s credibility and engagement. 

After learning this skill you can offer link building and guest posting services to businesses. Dankash took the initiative for you to start 41 days of Link Building Training that will master you. 

This link provides you with a more understanding of Link building strategies and resources. https://neilpatel.com/blog/13-efficient-link-building-strategies-for-busy-marketers/

  1. Freelancing skill

Freelancing is the process of offering any skill or service through an online platform. A freelancer is a person who is self-employed and independent. 

Types of Freelancing 

There are 2 types of freelancing that we do on two different platforms.  One is traditional freelancing typically known as bidding that we do on Upwork, and non-traditional freelancing on the other hand known as gigs that we do on Fiverr. 

Do you know these Interesting Stats?

Pakistan is performing very well in Freelancing as the growth rate of Pakistan in Freelancing is 69%. According to Payoneer’s recent research, Pakistan is one of the top growing freelancing economies in the world. 

In Pakistan, youngsters are making money through Freelancing. In the previous year, youngsters brought 500 Million dollars to Pakistan through Freelancing. Most of the Pakistanis i.e, 90% under the age of 35 want to do Freelancing for making money because there is much potential in it. 57% are those Pakistanis that are between 20-34 age group who are doing online earning through freelancing.  

In Pakistan, the top prominent category of freelancers’ money earning sources is web designing and graphic designing.

In the US 1.2 billion dollars industry is made through Freelancing in 2020.



In a nutshell, to compete with the digital world, you need to shift to the internet. If you are not on the internet then literally you are nowhere, no one would even know you. 

So, start doing digital marketing, social media marketing, content writing, graphic designing, web development, canva, or Pinterest but build your presence on the internet. 

All the above-mentioned IT and Non-IT top skills can be learned to make money through Freelancing. Take your initiative, choose any of the skills according to your interest and start your career by either making your own software house, designing your own agency, or working as a Freelancer. Dankash wishes you the best of luck.  

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