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YouTube Marketing in 2019 – How to Stay on Top

YouTube Marketing in 2019 – How to Stay on Top

YouTube marketing is your number 1 thing to focus on if you are looking to stay ahead of the competition in 2019. Learn more about YouTube marketing in 2019 in the blog.

Why YouTube marketing?

Ever noticed that if you search something on google the very first results are of YouTube Videos rather than any other website?

YouTube without a doubt is the second largest search engine after google. Most of the people search on YouTube to get video results. In this day and age viewers hardly have the patience to read the text, instead, they prefer watching videos that provide information in a more interactive and easy way.

For small businesses and Organizations, YouTube presence is a great way for marketing. It’s Easy, It’s Cheap and it’s Convenient.

First Things First

Like any other social media platform, YouTube marketing demands that you find and research your target audience, this is a must. Before we go any further with our questions regarding how our video content should look and what topics are more popular than others we need to mark our demographic on the internet and further pinpoint it according to what people want.

Guess What? It’s not that hard, in fact, it’s not hard at all. Like any other search engine, YouTube provides a complete analytical tool to pinpoint your audience and observe the trends there.

  • Select your account
  • Go to Creator Studio
  • On the left menu, go to Analytics and then Demographics.

Going Further

Now here the first thing you need to do after you’ve thoroughly researched your audience it’s time for some personalization to give your brand identity.

YouTube Marketing Pro tip #1 Profile Picture

Start off by giving your channel a logo. A logo is basically your profile picture on YouTube which should be creatively defining you and your brand. It’s something people will relate you with. Your channel icon ensures consistency and identity. Initially, this image is pulled out of the google account, you’ll need to change it and put on your company’s logo here!

YouTube Marketing Pro tip #2 Channel Art

Channel art is basically a banner on the top of your YouTube page which is the very forefront of your YouTube Channel. It’s going to be the first thing a user will see when they open up your page. Consider it like Facebook’s cover photo. This is extremely essential to put up your relevant brand images here and use this “Marketing Billboard” to its fullest capacity. Also, you can add links to your business’s other social media pages like Facebook and Instagram here. This will define the overall feel of your channel.

YouTube Marketing Pro tip #3 ABOUT YOU!

Next in line comes the “About” Section. Here you’ll write a brief introduction to your channel. Tell the audience in an engaging tone about your channel’s specialty and what to expect of it. This shouldn’t be missed as this too is an Advertising Billboard for your business. Do not miss this! Write an intro and link all your other pages and website here. This is the space that will help the user connect with the entire network of your business, all over the internet.

YouTube Marketing Pro tip #4 Kicking it off!

Go Ahead and make content, now that kind of content varies from business to business but what’s important is the consistency of posting and consistency in art style.  Don’t worry about your equipment too much initially most of the famous YouTubers started off with their phones and some still are. What you need to pay attention to is the originality of your content and consistency of producing it. Keep a pool of videos already shot to choose from, never rely on last-minute plans of shooting a video uploading it.

YouTube Marketing Pro tip #4 Pay Attention to your Video Titles.

Making an esthetically good video is one thing but it’ll be of no use if the Title isn’t compelling, no one will click on it. More than being compelling, you video title should be optimized, so that google crawlers can identify it and bring it forward to the users.

The Ideal Length of Video Titles shouldn’t be more than 60 characters long.

Keep your Titles Clear and Descriptive, giving your viewers the reason why they’d want to watch that video as if providing a solution to their problem.

YouTube Marketing Pro tip #5 Custom Thumbnails

Thumbnails like video descriptions are a clickbait. Basically, your thumbnail and the video description should be telling a comprehensive story together. Choose a custom thumbnail which makes sense with the video description. Together combined it should be enough information for the user to connect with.

YouTube Marketing Pro tip #6 Put a time limit on your videos

Recent studies reveal that the human attention span is decreasing. Keeping your videos short and descriptive will work wonders. An average person would watch nothing more than a 5-minute video. This should be enough time to convey your msg. Be clear and avoid repeating yourself in your videos.

YouTube Marketing Pro tip #7 Include Call to Action

Yes! Do ask people to subscribe and like your videos but you’ll have to be smart about it. Pushing people and forcing them might affect adversely but keeping a decent tone and providing them a choice will work.

YouTube Marketing Pro tip #8 Collaborate

We suggest studying your competitors when it comes to researching your target audience and what they like but on another level when your strength builds up to match theirs we suggest that you collaborate with them and other influencers in your game. Two’s better than one. Give shout outs, receive shout outs. The market for each other and share the viewership. This strategy will help increase your viewership immensely.

YouTube Marketing Pro tip #9 Go Live

Schedule your live sessions, keep a day for it and keep doing it consistently. Live interaction with your audience is THE KEY and it’s the best online marketing that can get where your audience interacts with you in real-time. Doing this consistently will keep your audience waiting for you.

YouTube Marketing Things to Consider

  • Do not use images without copyrights.
  • Make sure that all of your channels is well branded. From Profile picture to in-videos animations and your Channel Art.
  • Keep a check on YouTube Analytics
  • Make sure you link up your YouTube with your Business pages on other platforms.
  • Keep your production quality consistent
  • Keep your posting consistent
  • Schedule your posts
  • Never run out of content, keep producing it in advance
  • Check Creative Commons license before sharing others content
  • Monetize your channel through ads

YouTube marketing is an integral part of marketing for any business that wishes to succeed online and build a strong digital presence. Follow these tips and feel free to add any in the comments.

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