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Youtube Monetization Enable Trick 2020- Apply Monetization in Lockdown

The best way to start a YouTube Channel 2020

How to enable YouTube Monetization in 2020?

Want to monetize your YouTube channel in 2020 but the watch hours are not increasing or the videos are not getting enough views?

Maybe your subscribers are not increasing and your channel is facing delay in enabling monetization. In this video we will discuss YouTube Monetization Enable Trick that you can use in 2020 to grow and spread your channel. This monetization enables trick 2020 is 100% effective and I personally used it to grow my channel earlier.

If you follow the exact steps and upload the videos as per title and keyword optimization I have mentioned in previous lessons, you will be able to get enough subscribers and watch hours in no time.

1. The first thing you have to do is go to YouTube search

2. Type in your keywords or the topics in your niche that you will be making videos about

3. Let autofill complete the suggestions for search and use the autofill suggestions as your keywords since they are based on top searches

4. Look at the results of the suggested searches and select video titles that have views between 500 and 5000

5. Take those titles, around 50 or 70, and make a list of all the titles that you will be uploading in days to come.

6. Follow instructions about keyword optimization and description etc. Watch the complete video to find out YouTube Monetization Enable Trick 2020 that will help you grow your channel in no time.

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