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Online earning is the easiest and best way to achieve financial freedom in the modern world. Our aim is to help you make more money and be more successful using the internet for your growth.

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Who is Dania & Kashif?

Dania is a top-rated freelancer, public speaker, success coach, published author, and a gold medalist. Kashif has 15 years of international market experience in multiple industries...


Success is not a life of extravagance and luxury rather true success is helping others achieve success. This is what I have always wanted to do and with dankash my purpose is being met when thousands of people are making a living watching our content. May Allah choose us to be a source for other’s betterment.


I have lived more than half of my life on the internet. I believed that internet can break monopoly, create equal opportunities for all. I have helped build hundreds of businesses globally and wish to empower people of developing countries using internet for growth.

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