About Dankash

Who is Dania & Kashif?

Dania is a serial entrepreneur, public speaker, success coach, published author, and a gold medalist holding numerous awards in IT, entrepreneurship and writing.
Owing to the impact she is creating in IT sector she has been featured as an Industry Expert at various print and electronic media like Lahore News, Dunya News, YNN, UrduPoint etc.

Kashif has 19 years of international market experience in multiple industries helping businesses and individuals alike for significant growth. Top infopreneur who is a life changer, problem solver and a king maker who brings out the best in people or businesses by working closely with them.
Nominated by Who’s Who as Top IT Entrepreneur and featured at various medias owing to his contributions.


“Success is not a life of extravagance rather true success is helping others achieve success. With dankash my purpose is being met when thousands of people are making a living watching our content. May Allah choose us to be a source for other’s betterment”.


“I have lived more than half of my life on the internet. I believe that internet can break monopoly, and create equal opportunities for all. I have helped build hundreds of businesses globally and wish to empower people of developing countries using internet for growth”.


The world is literally transformed into a global village and we have the best opportunity at hand to bring financial stability and ensure economic growth. Our mission is to bring billions of dollars of remittance in the country and for each individual to be earning $2000-$3000 at least.


Pakistan is already the 4th largest country for freelancing and we see it as a leading country in the IT sector overall. We will keep putting consistent and dedicated efforts to bring Pakistan among top 4 countries in the IT industry.

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Our Team


Towel Club

Towel club provides quality and affordable towels for domestic and commercial use with the option of one off buying and even subscriptions.

Content writing

One-stop shop for all your content needs whether you are an agency, brand, or an individual.


Pumlee is an easy to use and interactive platform for writers and artists where they can post and engage audience with their content.

Pink box

Pink Box is a feminine hygiene delivery service that offers monthly period boxes subscription led, run and operational only for women.

Diaper Delivery

On-call diaper delivery service to avoid hassle and last minute rush to the store.


Jigar.pk is the biggest online prank company in Pakistan that aims to redefine friendship through gifting, pranks and fun.

The Next Idea

As a web design and development company we provide custom strategic solutions for both web and mobile platforms operating since over a decade.


Maamta provides high quality baby products just a click away so that you can give the best to the ones you love the most.


MKM is a digital agency in USA providing professional Ecommerce & Business Website Design and development services.


For the first time in Pakistan, we have encompassed a law site where clients and Lawyers can interact and meet each other’s needs with just a few clicks.

Solar Panel

Solar panel Pakistan is one of Pakistan’s leading agency that deals in manufacturing and providing solar power systems and solar products all across the Pakistan.