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Should Parent Decide Career for their Child

Should parents control everything about their kids?
Should they also decide career for their children?
Does it affect children’s life?
What is the solution to this scenario?

Watch this video and you will know the fact about this life-changing decision. Dankash is a learning and growth platform for students, graduates freelancers, and professionals. We help them to achieve financial and social sustainability through business, freelancing and startups.

It is no doubt that parents like their kids to be successful. But is it really necessary that kids follow the same pattern that their parents have chosen for them? If it is true, then all the human creativity and diversity that we are enjoying could not happen.
So the simple solution to this question is NO. Parents should not dictate their kids to select a specific career. Rather than, they should explore their mental capabilities and interest to decide about career. So you don’t need to follow the same profession just to show your obedience and respect for your parents.

If you are also confused about your career choice, feel free to share your aspirations with us. We will give you an honest opinion.

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